Operation Excellence : Gap Analysis

Maintenance Gap Analysis Project – Case Study

To review the quality of information, provide an Audit & Benchmarking opportunity, and determine operational threats & risks through identification of gaps within current system.

Client: Offshore Assets.
Location: Central Luconia Province, East Coast Malaysia.
Duration: 15 working days.

Known Issues

No Planned Maintenance on Priority 1 items
CMMS not updated with completed Projects
High level of breakdowns on critical equipment
Incomplete information caused planning concerns
Longer outages than were planned

Maintenance Gap Analysis

Our Approach

Gap analysis included the use of our AIMS (Asset Integrity Management) software tool that facilitates the quick and practical study of the gathered data, documentation and drawings.

For this particular client, we implemented the Hofincons Gap Analysis Methodology to augment their articulated strategy and deliver an improved and reliable system.

Initial Findings

CMMS did not reflect P&ID’s, PEFS, Cause & Effects due to ‘new’ projects information submitted to the CMMS department
Planned Maintenance Task frequencies needed improvements in-line with current Benchmarking ideas and new technologies
Planned Maintenance Tasks were more intrusive – than having on condition tasks implemented
Equipment was frequently breaking down but with no history of failure codes to address the root cause
Man-hours were inconsistent with similar tasks and not equated to the task history
Many Planned Maintenance Tasks did not have Material Listing as a minimum requirement and therefore, no Bill of Material
Performance Standard Tasks for Safety-Critical Equipment lacked industry best practice

Next Phase Suggestions to Client (Overview)

Interface to be built between Projects and CMMS Department.
By ensuring a close collaboration between the departments, Project information will be entered into the CMMS ensuring all ‘Maintainable Equipment’ is registered, appropriate maintenance and spares applied, thus ensuring less breakdowns and improved production.

CMMS to be updated with up-to-date information from ‘past’ projects, P&ID’s PEFS, Cause & Effects. this will be controlled and QA/QC’d by Hofincons AIMS (Asset Integrity Management System) Tool.
Information will now be visible to the Technicians at site for up to date information, this will assist them in maintaining the registered equipment to its optimum, thus ensuring less breakdowns and improved production.

Review current Planned Maintenance Tasks, apply Best Practice Techniques, Benchmarking Initiatives, plus integrate Condition Monitoring Applications, wherever possible.
A reduction of over 20% of the Planned Maintenance Annual Budget was identified for implementation, this included updating the task frequencies, unwarranted intrusive tasks that can be replaced by on condition and condition monitoring tasks, and the reduction in Technicians at site.

The availability of spare parts was causing production down time that could be improved if the CMMS had a Material Listing and / or BOM attached to the relevant equipment.
By reviewing the CMMS history, we were able to see where the unavailability of a ‘spare’ was causing unnecessary downtime, once implemented there is a potential saving of around 35% of the operational throughput.

Many of the Safety Critical Equipment that was identified had outdated (Generic) Performance Standards.
It was seen that the Performance Standard Tasks were outdated and not achievable (due to old thoughts and aging equipment that could not achieve their goal, i.e. ESDV closures, etc). To this end, by analysing the specific Asset HSE requirements, we suggested that ‘local’ Performance Standard Task requirements should be applied, thus, Safety was not impacted and the testing of the equipment was completed and assured for that particular Asset.


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